"On the last day the children of the Gods will bring about the beginning of our new world. Thus is the legacy of the Eternal Council of the Stars."

Hello, and welcome to the Z13 archives! Any extra little things from the comic will be posted here, and this is also where you can get your questions answered!

Finally another z13 update!

Alright hey everybody! Just wanted to say a few things about the comic before I forget!

First things first, the place where you can find Z13 has moved. It’s now here on tumblr, because A: I can’t afford a website of my own and B: it’s fairly simple to update it here. You can read what I have so far at z13comics!

But, before you do! I’m redoing the first parts of chapter 1. Why? Simple enough, I just got an updated version of the program I use to draw the comic (so they’ll look nicer!) and I’ve come up with a slightly different format that I might like a little better (and maybe everyone else will too!).

Finally, summer time is over and I’m going back to school tomorrow. So it may be a while before the next update. But I’ll try to get on a decent schedule as soon as I can.

That’s all I have to say about the matter. As always, everyone’s welcome to ask me any questions they might have right here, or just drop by a message with a comment or suggestion!